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How to forgive someone….

Forgiving someone is a sign of maturity. It will help you to let go something that can leave you mind at peace. To let go the anger and envy to someone.
According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary — forgiving is an act to be able or willing to forgive someone.
Well down there I made Six (6) steps that I know forgive someone
• Enlighten your mind, accept what’s done.
• Have a closure to that person.
• Tell to that person what do you feel, your anger.
• Give him/her a chance.
• Bring back your closeness, trust again that person.
• But if that person broke your trust again it’s hard to forgive for the second time.

About myself:)

Well, Cassandra Santos here. I’m 16 and I was born July 2000. I think it’s not necessary to tell what’s the exact date. I’m in my grade 11 in Carlos F. Gonzales High School. I’m a fan of reading; Fiction Stories, especially wattpad stories, Poems, Novels. I’m a cat and dog lover.
My ambitions? Back when I was in my grade 7 my ambition was to be a chef but then nowadays want to be a Flight Attendant or anything that related to traveling.